Bipolar with Psychosis

A Guide for navigating mental illness

Here is where I'll be posting ideas about natural medicines, how to make different types of herbal remedies to cure whatever it is that ails you without the use of chemicals.  Everything listed here can be expanded on if you want more information. Just leave a comment with your questions, and I'll tell you everything you need or want to know.
All of the pills can be packed using this packer and these empty vegetarian capsules:
1. PurecapsUSA Empty Vegetarian Capsules – Size “00” – 1,000 Fillable Caps – Kosher/Halal – Hypoallergenic – Vegan - GMO Free
2. 100pcs One Time (00) Capsule Holder With Tamper for Size 00 capsules
All of the roll on oils use these 10ml roller bottles and Jojoba Oil:
1. 6, Cobalt Blue, 10 ml Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls - .5 ml Dropper Included
2. 100% Pure Jojoba Oil (HUGE 4OZ BOTTLE) All-Natural Jojoba Oil – Cold Pressed - Perfect Moisturizer for Hair, Skin, Face, and Hair

Recent Posts

  • This oil works great for keeping superficial wounds clean and infection free. 1. 3 drops of Helichrysum oil – Helichrysum Gymnocephalum 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (5 ml) by Edens Garden 2. 5 drops of Melaleuca oil – doTERRA Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil – 15 mL 3. 5 drops of Marjoram Oil –

  • This oil works great as a skin cleanser. Use it for acne and skin repair. It works wonders if used regularly. 1. 3 drops of Roman Chamomille oil – Chamomile Roman (Anthemis nobilis) Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural (10ml) 2. 3 drops of Sandalwood oil – Sandalwood Essential Oil- Premium Therapeutic Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils-10ML

  • This oil works great for aches and pains in your joints or muscles. It’s anti inflammatory and can be used in excess for external application directly to the sore spots of your body. 1. 5 drops of Peppermint oil – doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil – 15ml 2. 5 drops of Clove oil – Pure Essential

  • These pills work great for menstrual cramp relief. I made them for my wife one day, and now she takes them every time she gets uncomfortable during her period. They work for a general use muscle cramp relief pill for males and females. These are an invention of my own, so you can’t buy them

  • These pills are great for calming down at the end of the day. I call them chill pills, because thats what they do. If you would like to purchase them directly from Onnit, you can find them here. If you would rather have a more affordable version, this recipe is for you. 1. 100g –

  • These pills work great for building you memory and brain training. You’ll want to take these pills 5 days per week with 2 days off. If you don’t take time off during the week, there is a buildup effect that will induce psychosis, so make sure you take the scheduled break. It gives times for

  • These are great pills for getting extra energy before a workout or before strenuous activity. Onnit’s version of Shroom Tech Sport has a great video describing the benefits of the pills. The recipe is below. Just mix the ingredients together and pack them in empty capsules and you’re good to go. As always, if you

  • This is a recipe for some pills I started making a couple years ago. They’ll keep the immune system in great shape. I was trying to make a homemade version of a pill called ShroomTech Immune made by onnit. Below is their marketing video so you can see what the pills do for your immune