Bipolar with Psychosis

A Guide for navigating mental illness

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  • I’m sure you’ve heard the word before, but how aware are you of your own intuition? How much do you trust your own inner voice? How often do you ignore it? Do you have any understanding of what it feels like to think a thought, compared to receiving a thought? Intuition is, in its purest

  •   What is empathy? Having empathy is simply being aware of other people’s emotions. Being empathic is being able to experience other people’s emotions. Being empathic is a bit of a double edged sword. Sometimes I can choose whether or not I want to experience certain  emotions from certain people. Other times I have no

  • Living in the now So what does it really mean to “live in the now?” It’s a catchy slogan I’m sure you’ve heard before. Most of us repeat it jokingly to our friends or family members when we see them stressing out about something, but do you have any experience living in the now? Can

  • The power of intention The Law of Attraction, one of the fundamental forces of our universe, is all about the idea that you attract whatever experience you intend to experience. The universe doesn’t judge what’s best for you, and show you only the good stuff. It simply reads your vibration, or emotional state, and based