Bipolar with Psychosis

A Guide for navigating mental illness


<--Who I like to be

This is me most days. The guy who walks around spreading happiness and sunshine wherever he goes. I am grounded and completely normal. I get along with everyone I meet. I love everyone I meet as if they were me.

How I feel most days -->


My name is Bill and I have type 1 diabetes and bipolar mood disorder. This website is how I deal with my shit.  I document it from different perspectives. All with the intention of helping anyone who finds themselves drawn to read it.

Everything is Energy


I woke up one day believing I was God, and I had all the memories to substantiate such a claim. Unfortunately when I tried to tell someone, I got locked up in a mental facility until I admitted I wasn't. It took me several weeks to get back to a point of reality where I could finally be myself again. With this website, I can. This is my journal, and my diary. The struggles that I endure, and the painful memories that have brought me here. We all have the same story. I hope by having the courage to tell mine and look like the crazy guy, will help other people somehow. Not sure how. Just hoping for the best.

Mental Illness

I have some issues with the way I see the world. I'm bipolar and delusional sometimes. Most of the time, what it feels like to me is that the people around me are all confused about who they are. My hope is we can all come to the understanding that we are all made up of God stuff and are here to love and be loved.


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  • The Jolts I have the jolts. Anyone with bipolar disorder knows what to jolts are. Its a side effect of the medication. Abilify is the one that makes me get tweaky. Its a feeling where you want to jump out of your own skin. Like your body wants to consume itself in order to feel

  • What is the Human Brain? The human brain. It’s a mysterious lump of grey meat encased inside our skulls. We know it’s responsible for us being us, but we don’t really know how it does it. Its as much of a mystery to scientists as the rest of the universe. I don’t say that in

  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust This is simply the best cauliflower pizza crust out there. It is a great guilt free, low carb option. The best thing is that my kids love it! Ingredients 1 small to medium sized head of cauliflower – should make 2 cups once processed (many stores now sell frozen riced cauliflower 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 1/4 teaspoon dried

  • Zucchini lasagna with ground beef This easy zucchini lasagna is a great low carb and healthy alternative to your typical lasagna. Gluten free and keto friendly. Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 1 hour Servings 6 servings Calories 280 kcal Ingredients 20 ounces zucchini (about 2 large) ends sliced off and discarded 1 pound extra lean ground beef 15 ounces can tomato sauce or puree 1 cup finely chopped onion (about 1 small) 1

  • The manic states that I experience are directly related to my blood sugar levels. When I have a blood glucose level above 200, its incredibly difficult to sleep. I wake up around 3:00 am and feel the need to write. Like there is so much going on in my brain that I can’t hold it